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1215 Pequawket Trail
Steep Falls, Me. 04085

 Cell : (207) 615-3457
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 Anti Bullying School Assembly Program- 

This program is in very high demand !!! Book it now!


Be Willing To Tell an Adult About Bullying
Understand & Respect Differences
Don't Gossip
Don't Hurt Others
Include Everyone
Extend a Helping Hand
Stand-up For Others
Hello my name is Dennis Labbe and i was bullied as a kid. I was picked on, called names and even threatened. Most of this happened between 5th and 8th grade right after my family moved and I  had changed schools. 
Fact is research shows that a bullying incident occurs every seven minutes. Nearly 6 million children are involved in bullying either as a victim, perpetrator, or both. This happens at schools or on line and even text messaging. This epidemic could very well be happening in your school.

The real problem is that most kids never tell anyone instead they keep to themselves and live in fear and wish they didn't even have to go to school. I know this because that is the way it was for me. This sometimes results in poor grades, low self esteem, and often times a poor outlook on life. 

I have a show designed for kids K-5 and one for grades 6-8. The program is a fun and interactive show.
All the magic effects are tied in with a message in relation to the types of bullying like (Physical, verbal, exclusion, and cyber bullying) and simple thing they can do to help stop bullying in there school. The show also touches on character building like respect, excellence, integrity, and teamwork. 

What to do?

Here is one fun step to help towards a solution.
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