Mr. Magic Show will
make your child's next birthday one he or she will never forget !
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Mr. Magic 
with his  Ralph Greenwood star trophy for winning first place in the North East Comedy Magic Contest.
Mr. Magic competed against other magicians from Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.
Your child will become and feel like the star of the show  as they'll perform some of the magic themselves if he or she wishes.
Thank you so much! Everybody had a great time & Jake still feels so special! We are so grateful for having such a great party for our child. If you ever need a reference- please have them call me!
It never occurred to me that the adults would have fun at our 5 year old's party. Usually it's something you suffer through for your child. All the adults were so happy & surprised! 

Thanks Again,
Tracy, Bryan & Jake
I attended your show with my 6 year old daughter.  She kept talking about the show all night & even this morning.  It was excellent! We would like to have you for our daughters' birthday.

Lynda Crandall

Some of the highlights that are in the different show packages.

  • Birthday Child will FLOAT!

  • Free gift for the birthday child! 

  • Live Rabbit

  • Live Doves

  • Comedy Magic 

  • Audience Participation 

  • Balloon Sculptures  

  • Party Pictures 

  • Party Favor Bags 

  • Music 
Listen to what  some of my happy customers has to say about Mr. Magic. Just click on the play button. These are very short Testimonials.

Sam from So. Portland, Me.

Elizabeth Tedford, So. Portland, Me.

Melissa from Seabrook, NH

Donna Fitser,Scarborough, Me.

Be sure to checkout the different packages we have listed below!
Mr. Magic you have a great family magic show and would definitely hire you back again. You made this a great party-for the kids and adults

Thank you! 

The Drouins
I realize there are other magicians in Maine who perform for birthday parties. But to avoid disappointment. You will want to hire Mr. Magic one of the MOST EXPERIENCED (over 20 years!) in performing for children and family audiences. I will offer you the MOST PROFESSIONALMOST ENTERTAINING and MOST MAGICAL birthday party entertainment in the area. The way Mr. Magic is with children is incomparable and will ensure that every guest (even the adults) goes home saying, "That was the best birthday party I've ever been to!" 

Guaranteed !
Silver Wand Package: 
Over a HALF HOUR of fun and entertainment!

Age appropriate 35 minute interactive comedy magic show filled with tons of FUN, LAUGHTER, MAGIC, MUSIC, and of course HOCUS the LIVE BUNNY RABBIT that your child will help make appear! This of course always make everyone smile and gasp with surprise! Most important the birthday child can become a star of the show if he or she chooses. He or she also receives a special balloon sculpture from Mr. Magic.

This package has no limit to the number of children.

No travel charge for those who are within 15 miles of Steep Falls. ($1.00/mile after 15)
 Example: if you are 25 miles from me, subtract first 15 you are left with 10 X $1.00 so trave charge would be $10.00
Golden Dove Package: 

This popular package includes EVERYTHING in the Silver Wand Package with the ADDITION of the magical production of 3 LIVE BEAUTIFUL WHITE DOVES each produced in a different and MAGICAL way! (This is a highly requested and signature routine of Mr. Magic! ) This package also includes up to 12 magic or other theme goody bags, 11 guest plus the birthday child ~ packed with magic, gags and and other fun items. Kids love these goodie bags and it saves YOU money,time and trouble. This package also includes balloon sculptures for up to 12 children (11 guest plus the birthday child). And the birthday child will receive an AUTOGRAPHED POSTER from Mr. Magic
The show is 45 minutes long followed with 20 to 45 minutes of entertainment with balloon sculpture twisting for all the kids.

This package price is set for a limit of 11 guests plus the birthday child. There will be a fee of $6.00 for each additional child to cover extra goody bags and balloon sculptures.

No travel charge for those who are within 15 miles of Steep Falls ($1.00/mile after 15)
Any of these items can be added to any the Silver Wand package to customize
your own price and package.

Magic Kit
Mr. Magic's Magic Kit

Balloon Sculptures:
Additional balloon sculptures
$3.00 per child! 

Chair Suspension
Birthday Child Levitation Illusion

Goodie bags
$3.00 each

Dove Productions
Live dove productions 

Platinum Top Hat Package: 

This package has it all!!

With this package you get all the bells and whistles included in the Golden Dove Package plus Mr. Magic will teach all the kids a couple magic tricks. AND this package includes up to 18 children, 17 guest plus the birthday child for goody bags and balloons!! On top of all that the birthday child will receive a
 Magic Wand and a (Mr. Magic) Magic Kit or an AUTOGRAPHED T-SHIRT!

        For the Grand Finale, Mr. Magic will float the birthday child in mid air!
This show is a full 60 minutes long followed with an additional 30 to 60 minutes of entertainment with balloon twisting for all the kids.

This package  price is set for a limit of 17 guests. There will be a fee of $6.00 for each additional child to cover extra goody bags and balloon sculptures.

No travel charge for those who are within 20 miles of Steep Falls. ($1.00/mile after 20)
If you would like to book a show you can give me a call at 207-615-3457 or just fill out the form below.

Thank You for looking!
The package prices  include travel for the first 15 miles (20 miles for the Platinum Package) from Steep Falls, Maine. After the first 15 or 20 miles a charge at the rate of $1.00 per mile (one way) will be added. Birthday shows are not available beyond 85 miles from Steep Falls.

A $50.00 deposit is required to reserve the date and time. 
After our first  verbal confirmation on the phone you will be penciled in on the calendar. The  deposit must be received with in 3 days. Once the deposit is received that date and time is penned in and is promised to you. 

Boxes with     are required.
Thank you!
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Q  &   A

1. What Packages do you Offer?
There are three packages; the Silver Wand Package, The Golden Dove Package and The Platinum Top Hat Package! None of these packages are a bad pick and all three of them are very entertaining and absolutely fun and amazing. Guaranteed!!! The details of these packages are found here on this page.

2. What do you charge?
Mr. Magic Magical Wonders Show includes animals, music, comedy, numerous magic tricks with lots of participation by all the children. The price of the show is comparable to the best professional magicians in the New England area. For over an hour of fun, laughter, and magical mystery, Mr. Magic's magic show is guaranteed to be one of the best magic shows Maine has to offer. It is sure to be a very special day that your child will remember for the rest of his/her life. (Priceless) 
To get actual prices for all the packages fill out the form above or call 207-615-3457.

3. Where will you travel to perform?
For a birthday party I prefer to perform within 90 miles of my home which is located in Steep Falls, Me., however, I have been known to perform in other states such as Ma. And NH. You can ask, and I will let you know if I will be in your area. 

4. What do you provide and what do I need to provide?
The Mr. Magic Show is self contained. You only need to provide a space for setting up the magic show and a place the children can be comfortable by either sitting on the floor or chairs.

5. How long are you at the party?
This depends on the package you decide to go with. It can be anywhere from One and a half hours to three and a half hours. Sometimes, I have back-to-back shows, in which case I ask that the show be started on the scheduled time.

6. How many guests are allowed to attend?
There is no limit to the number of guests. Although on the deluxe and Super Deluxe packages there is a limit to how many are included in the package. Still there is no limit just a small additional charge for each child exceeding the limit in the deluxe packages this is just to cover my cost and time on the extra goodie bags and balloon sculptures.

7. How involved would my Child be in the show?
Your Child is involved as much as he/she wants to be. Some children prefer not to get involved, which is OK and other children are selected. Ideally the birthday child becomes the star of the show. As for floating a child, it is important that the child is old enough to follow instructions. Sometimes, a sister or brother may be substituted, or an age appropriate child for this one illusion.

8. Will you provide the show within my home?
Yes, this is much preferred than performing outdoors. Mr. Magic can perform his show outdoors but be aware that even though the weather seems nice things can change in a hurry. The wind can cause quite a mess out of my show and besides the weather the outdoors provide so much more distractions.

9. Is your show age appropriate?
Absolutely! Mr. Magic designed his show so there would be something for everyone to enjoy. However I do bring extra tricks and switch out tricks based on the ages of the children.

10. How long of a notice should I give you so I can book your show?
It is preferred that I receive at least a month notice because weekends fill up quickly, however call and there may be an opening because I book Morning, Afternoon and Evening shows and an opening may be available that fits your needs. And because I am a full time professional I am able to perform any day of the week and after school show have been very popular. With hectic weekend schedules for sporting activities more and more parents are finding it more convenient to hold after school birthday parties usually on Thursdays and Fridays.

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I wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate your terrific show! You have so much energy and are so funny, and you kept the kids and parents in awe the entire time! You truly are a star!
The looks on the kids face was absolutely priceless from beginning to end.  You have a terrific personality and everyone just loved your show.
I will never forget the underwear that appeared from the super long string!  The kids mouths (and parents too!) dropped to the floor in hysterics and roaring laughter!  The peanut butter and jelly song is still stuck in my head!   And the banana (aka bandana) was a hoot!  We loved the bunny -can you imagine putting a rabbit in a trance?  And what happen to the birds?  I could go on and on.....the entire show was just amazing!

I just can't say enough great things! The party will definitely go down as one of the best we have ever had.  It was a SUPER FANTASTIC show!


Caryn Clark 

Hi Dennis,

I just wanted to say thank you again for such a great event for Lauren's fourth birthday....all the kids had a blast.  Lauren is still trying to pull money out of her ponytail.  I hired you sight unseen on the recommendation of my 6 year old who had seen you at another party.  I was a bit nervous having never seen your show myself but you were really fantastic.  The children were engaged every minute which is a magic trick in itself.  You must always have Hocus....that bunny is truly a star and the kids loved the opportunity to pet him afterward.  I couldn't have asked for a better party and even though it was age appropriate for the four year old crowd, the adults had a great time too.  The addition of the pixie dust made it extra special for Lauren who loves Tinkerbell.  Truly the attention to detail was greatly appreciated and I just wanted to send you out a big thank you to let you know how much we all enjoyed your performance.

Happy Holidays and thanks again,
Kim Ross

For your convenience
we can take credit cards at your home on the day of the party.
Makes a great gift for your son or daughter's birthday and reminds them of the great magical birthday party they had.
$14.00 each
45 Minutes of fun, magic and entertainment!

Age appropriate full 45 minute interactive comedy magic show. This package has all the fun, magic, comedy and animals that is in the Golden Dove package minus the goody bags and balloon sculptures. This pack is for those who want a magic show only without all the extras.

This package has no limit to the number of children.